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Carved Gate Bed & Breakfast, Transylvania

about us

Our great writer, Tamási said: 
„I will keep tearing my heart until God commands all men to admire and love the szekler”. Among whom the forgotten feeling might still come to life: „I would only like a fire place. A calling beam of light from a lantern, a few soft words, a good book and only few men. But for those men to be men!”
Transylvania –as many say- is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world. For us, undoubtedly, it is, the world’s most beautiful and most valuable “Fairy Garden”.

Here, we have a village, Bögöz (Mugeni), a small szekler village, thriving by the good common intentions of God and man, blessed with natural treasures and a rich historic past. It lies at a distance of 9 kilometers from Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc) on both sides of the Nagyküküllö (Tarnava Mare) River, in Küküllömente, near the famous meadow of Lutita. The first written mention of the village was in 1333, under the name of Bugus.